Concord, NC (August 24, 2012) Toyota Racing NASCAR drivers’ wives, girlfriends, sisters and moms have put their fashion expertise to work. As our own “Fashion Stars.”, they have designed T-shirts to help raise money for breast cancer awareness, and the one with the most votes wins.

Rev Racing’s own, Mackena Bell, submitted a design which you can vote on here:

When asked about her inspiration to participate in the campaign, Bell stated, “Since I started racing, I have always used the slogan ‘Don’t Stop Believing.’ A favorite Journey song of mine growing up, I have always ‘Believed’ that a female can make it in the world of NASCAR. Coincidently, having the last name BELL and being a third generation driver with the race number 11, the word came together for me perfectly. I even have it tattooed on my wrist, ‘Be11eve’! So when I was asked to help design a shirt, there was no question in my mind what my ‘word’ would be. And when the breast cancer ribbon created the perfect ‘L’, I knew it was meant to be!”

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