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NASCAR Drive For Diversity Pit Crew Development Program


The NASCAR Drive for Diversity Pit Crew Development Program is a comprehensive training program for aspiring pit crew members from diverse backgrounds and experiences. The program focuses on instilling the fundamentals, discipline and confidence required to be a top athlete on a NASCAR pit crew. The program includes weekly hands-on, over-the-wall position training and coaching for tire changers, tire carriers, fuelers and jackmen, as well as weight training, agility and footwork programs.

OBJECTIVE: Conduct a pit crew development program designed to identify, coach, train and develop athletes who possess the skill, ability and attitude to be successful as a pit crew member into elite levels of the sport.

To offer this opportunity to athletes across the nation, the NASCAR Drive For Diversity Pit Crew Development Program launched a development and recruitment tour in May of 2016. Each year the NASCAR Drive for Diversity Pit Crew Tour will continue to identify student-athletes with an interest in motorsports. The tour served as a recruiting tool for the NASCAR Drive for Diversity Pit Crew Program, making stops at several colleges across the nation. Top participants at each tour stop received an invitation to compete against other competitors for a spot on the following year’s development team. The program also offers opportunities to college athletes interested in the open enrollment portion of the program, located in Charlotte, NC.

For more information on open enrollment opportunities please contact Coach Phil Horton, from Rev Racing, at [email protected].