20150707_213837This year, Austin Geer returned to Rev Racing for his second season. After joining the team last summer, Geer earned 30 top-5s out of his 40 races. He’s continuing to prove himself this season as well, as he is currently third in the points in this year’s Bojangles Summer Shootout. The Rev Racing Team recently sat down with Geer and his father Charles, to talk about the season.

How do you think your season has gone so far?

AG It’s been pretty good…I’m third in the points now and got four top-5s.

How have you improved from last year?

AG Probably just having a consistent line. Really working on that and working on simulators- really practicing a lot more.

CG His passing is some of the best I’ve ever seen. He can really get by kids. He avoids crashes better than anyone I’ve ever seen. I mean, I can miss something in front of him.

What do you think you need to improve on the most?

AG I just need to work on staying consistent, just not messing up a lot.

Do you have a specific routine before racing?

AG I just go out there, pray, and hope for the best.

Do you have a favorite track to race on?

AG I really like Charlotte, and I also like Atlanta.

Your dad is usually always with you at the track. How big of an influence does he have on you, as far as racing is concerned?

AG He’s a pretty big influence; he got me into racing. He used to race cup cars on road course, but looked into oval ones and it was a great idea for me.

Where do you see yourself going in this sport?

AG My ultimate dream is to race in the Sprint Cup Series. That’s my main goal. If that doesn’t work out, I’m thinking of becoming a mechanical engineer or working at a shop.

CG We want him to go to college as parents. If he keeps doing well, he’ll progress. Even if he doesn’t go to a place where he’ll be on a campus., we’ll have him taking online classes. He’s going to get his degree. That’s what we do in our family.

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