COlF4oOWUAAYXRtLast weekend, Rev Racing took to Richmond International Raceway for the UNOH 100. While Rev was ready for another victory, poor weather conditions put the race in jeopardy.

Rain delayed race day activities for several hours, interrupting and ultimately canceling qualifying efforts. In lack of qualifying, owner’s points dictated starting order, putting Rev drivers #42 Sergio Peña, #4 Kenzie Ruston, #2 Collin Cabre and #6 Devon Amos in p9, p11, p12 and p15 respectively.

Starting the race in the top-15, Rev held onto their positions and pushed for a top-10. However, a caution lap 18 sent some Rev drivers into pit row, causing them to continue the race fighting to regain their position. #2 Collin Cabre held onto the top-15 for much of the race, while #4 Kenzie Ruston reached p22 after her p29 restart by lap 60.

As Rev drivers continued to advance, rain once again derailed race plans and caused an eight lap caution starting on lap 61. While rain persisted, all drivers shifted into pit row to wait out the weather. Unfortunately, weather was not on our side and the race ended prematurely on lap 69.  #2 Collin Cabre finished p17, #4 Kenzie Ruston in p22, #6 Devon Amos in p29, and #42 Sergio Peña in p31.

Rev Racing returns to the rack in October, for the Drive Sober 150 at Dover International Speedway.

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