Concord, NC (March 18, 2014) –Bristol Motor Speedway is the fastest and most difficult track that the K&N Series East drivers will compete on this season, and the track lived up to every facet of its reputation. Each of the Rev Racing drivers were pushed to their limit, and while none were able to place in the Top-10, they showed resilience in a race marred by so many accidents that only 22 of the original 35 cars were able to cross the finish line.

At the beginning of the race there was little action from Rev Racing drivers as they spent time jockeying back and forth for position. Unluckily, Gifford blew a tire on lap 19 and tagged the outside wall of turn four eliminating him from the race. Thankfully he did not sustain any injuries.

By lap 33, a few other drivers had gone down and both Peña and Bell had endured enough contact from other drivers that they needed to pit under a yellow flag. However, upon the return of the green flag the two Rev Racing drivers were back on the track and marched on.

Throughout all of the chaos, Suarez slowly made his way through the pack, jumping from 17th to 10th by lap 52. He continued to show the same toughness he exhibited in Daytona, and by lap 72 Suarez had increased his position to 8th. Unfortunately, by lap 84 Suarez suffered a flat front-right tire and was forced to give up his top-10 position and pit. Meanwhile, the rest of the Rev Racing drivers were fighting for position in the back, looking to crack the top-20.

By lap 100, Beasley was now the leading Rev Racing drivers having finally cracked the top-20. A wreck by Nick Drake on lap 102 drew a yellow flag from officials. The yellow flag gave Suarez’s crew just enough time to finish the necessary repairs to his vehicle, allowing him to return to the track. Officials reissued the green flag on lap 109, however as drivers fought for position after the restart, Peña became collateral damage of a big pile-up on turn four, sidelining the No. 4 Toyota for the remainder of the race.

As the race neared its end, Beasley, Bell, and Suarez were determined to finish the race, undeterred by the considerable damage to each of their vehicles. And with their heads held high, each of them crossed the finish line despite being out of contention for a top-10 finish. Final results illustrated that Beasley, Bell, Peña, Suarez, and Gifford finished the race 15th, 21st, 24th, 26th, and 34th.

Rev Racing will return to action on Saturday, March 22 for the Kevin Whitaker Chevrolet 150 at Greenville (S.C.) Pickens Speedway.

ABOUT REV RACING: Headquartered in Concord, N.C., Rev Racing, owned by Max Siegel, operates the NASCAR Drive for Diversity program, which is the industry’s leading developmental program for ethnic minorities and women drivers and drivers and pit crew members. For more information about Rev Racing visit or follow us on Twitter @RevRacin.

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