Fueling Your Dreams and NASCAR Diversity teamed up with the Black Expo for the second time this year at the Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center in Jacksonville, FL. This event allowed us to continue building a partnership with the Black Expo brand as well as expose the sport of NASCAR to a new and engaged audience.

The Toyota show car and the iRacing simulator again proved to be eye catching along with the pop-up banners of race car specs, the 2012 Toyota Camry and the African American history in NASCAR display. The history banner was especially relevant
and introduced many of those who visited our footprint to a piece of racing history special to the Jacksonville area. NASCAR driver and African American, Wendell Scott, won the first and only top division event in NASCAR at Speedway Park, which was located in Jacksonville in 1963. In addition to the assets, Rev Racing drivers Ryan Gifford and Dylan Smith were on hand as representatives of
the diversity efforts in NASCAR and imparted knowledge and information to some curious, eager visitors. They also signed autographs and took pictures with some of their new fans!

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