11143100_10153041852283649_579735255760957592_nConcord NC (May 29, 2015) – All of the tactics and strategies used at the tracks leading up to this weekend’s outing at Bowman Gray will go out the window. Bowman Gray isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s nicknamed the Mad House for a reason. When drivers enter the Mad House, they race by a different set of rules. The .25-mile paved flat oval is the NASCAR equivalent to stepping inside of a gladiator ring. It’s a fight to the finish in which there are, metaphorically, many casualties. There is only one strategy when racing at Bowman Gray: stay in the front of the pack or survive the clutter in the middle long enough to make it there. Ultimately, while fans come to cheer their favorite drivers to victory, the middle of the pack is what they really come to see. The bumping, the banging, the sliding, the crashing, the cautions, and the controversy are what make the NASCAR Hall of Fame 150 so appealing. The dropping of the green flag is essentially the commencement of a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. And similar to past year, there is little doubt that sparks will fly this coming Saturday.

Leading the way at the Mad House will be none other than Jay Beasley and Kenzie Ruston. Last Season, Jay Beasley (No. 42 Special Smiles Toyota) had the best qualifying effort of the entire Rev Racing team. He was the only member to qualify within the Top-10 and was fortunately able to utilize his qualifying position to secure a 9th place finish.

Similar to her teammate, Kenzie Ruston (No. 4 Rev Racing Toyota) was also able to secure a top-10 finish last year at the Mad House as a member of Ben Kennedy Racing. Ruston and Crew Chief Mark Green have found the formula for consistency with regard to Ruston’s car set-up. The next step for these two will be to use said consistency to replicate last year’s top-10 effort to help bolster the statistic sheet for Rev Racing.

Devon Amos (No. 6 MSI Toyota) and Collin Cabre (No. 2 UTI/NTI Toyota) will both be competing at the Made House for the first time in their young NASCAR K&N Pro Series East Careers. However, as both drivers accumulate more races under their belt, their confidence has grown tremendously since the inaugural race at New Smyrna. Amos is confident that had it not been for an unavoidable accident at Iowa, he was on par for the first top-10 finish of his career. Consequently, Amos enters this weekend’s race with a chip on his shoulder as he felt he was robbed. Fortunately for him, a chip on one’s shoulder is exactly what is needed to survive 150 laps at the Mad House!

ABOUT REV RACING: Headquartered in Concord, NC, Rev Racing, owned by Max Siegel, operates the NASCAR Drive for Diversity Program, which is the industry’s leading developmental program for ethnic minorities and women drivers and pit crew members. For more information about Rev Racing visit https://revracing.net or follow us on Twitter @RevRacin.

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