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A LITTLE PILLOW TALK – Daytona at a glance

As much time as a crew and race team spends at the track, we equally spend as much time in hotels, local restaurants/bars and tourist attractions as we journey through the season. From the changes in climate to a must-visit Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives location, we enjoy, conquer and leave our mark in almost every race market we visit.  Our trip to Daytona was no different.
Coming to Florida in February is generally a welcomed change from the 30 degree days in NC, but as we head home from the season opener, I 95 north was equally as welcoming. The way our crew driver Morris is driving, this won’t be a long trip. I think he might have got the interstate marker and the speed limit signs mixed up. As I reflect on my time in Daytona, I’m ready to get home, rest up for the week and sleep in my own bed.
Speaking of sleeping on the road, race team budgets have brought some interesting accommodation experiences along the way. Have you ever slept in a hotel on pillows that are not full-grown human size? I arrived to Daytona to a room that had three throw pillows. I thought perhaps, they were in the closet, I was wrong. I stacked them, repositioned them and finally gave up. If you’re in Daytona and staying beachside, be prepared. Do yourself a favor and bring your own pillow or a cinder block – either one is a better alternative.
The bed/pillow combo might not have been the greatest, but Aunt Catfish’s on the River and The Deck Down Under did not disappoint on the food end. Both places have some awesome seafood and extremely cold beverages to wash it down with, so that’s a win-win. If you follow this blog, you’ll soon recognize that we love to race, but we also love to eat. Keep up with us to read our reviews.
Now, on to the races. Our season opener was not exactly what we all wanted, but we all recognized the drivers and crew combinations are an excellent foundation for a successful year to come. It’s always tough leaving the race track and not getting the finishes that you want or the finishes you believe you deserve, but ‘That’s Racin’ as they say. The only team that is happy leaving is the one taking the trophy with them. We all are headed in a direction where we will be that team very soon, so I think that’s something all of us can be proud of. We bring four cars to the track with four separate groups of guys to work on them, but when one of us has a problem we all have a problem, and if one of has a good run we all have a good run. Together, as a team, we all ran a solid race.
Next on the schedule is Mobile, Alabama on March 12th. A track test is scheduled on the 5th so we will actually be there to get our drivers some additional seat time prior to race day.
Sponsor Plug: BTW, our new7000 Watt Eu Series Honda Generator ran flawlessly this weekend. And a big shout out to Kelly @ImpactbyMCS, we got a ton of compliments on the driver and crew uniforms. Thanks for helping us look the part, even if sometimes we don’t act like it. Till the next time.

Post by the No. 2 Car Crew Chief, Matt Bucher


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