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In her 2nd season with Rev, Gracie Trotter is one of the more experienced drivers in the program. With seat time in all three series that the team competes in, Trotter serves as a great reference to all of her teammates for advice and help. The 18 year old Denver, NC native had just began her late model season in the No. 2 FiveStar Race Car Bodies/Mobil 1 Toyota with Rev before the break caused by COVID-19, but now there’s more time to get to know our late model driver better.

Q: In the past year you have competed in legends cars, late models, and ARCA, how are you able to balance it all? Do you believe it helps your development as a driver being involved in 3 different series?

GT: I think running the different series helps me a lot. Even going back to run legend cars helps me stay fresh for when I get back into my Late Model or ARCA car. Although it’s a much different car, I still get better at learning, working and communicating with my crew chief, which helps me when I go work with different crew chiefs and teams. 

Q: Being so busy with racing how do you find time for things off of the track?

GT: With my life wrapped around racing, there’s not much time to do things off the track that isn’t racing related! When I do not have any more racing work to do, I will go work for Calico Coatings or Cryptic Coatings! 

Q: What are other activities have you participated in during this break?
GT: During this break I have been spending my weekends going fishing, working during the week at Cryptic Coatings, and a lot of iRacing each evening! 

Q: Who was your favorite driver growing up and why?

GT: Tony Stewart was my favorite driver growing up, I think I chose him as my favorite driver when I was little because his car was orange and that’s my favorite color. I even have a Home Depot Tony Stewart race car pillow! He’s still one of my favorite race car drivers til this day because he is a bad to the bone, all-around winner and he didn’t take rubbish from anyone!

Q: If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why?
GT: If I were an animal I’d probably be a dolphin living in the Caribbean. I think it would be cool to swim in the clear waters all the time and see all the other cool creatures in the water. Also, dolphins are always very happy and friendly! 

Q: Favorite food and why?

GT: My favorite food is definitely any cheese, but my favorite meal is sushi!

Q: What do you miss about racing and being at the track?
GT: The competition and the adrenaline from racing is what I miss the most. I also miss being able to see my racing family and team. 

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Q: Racing for BMR racing in ARCA how fun is it to compete against Chase and Nick? Do you three communicate about racing each other? 
GT: It’s pretty fun racing against Chase and Nick. They are always hard on me off the track in a joking way so it’s fun to run with them and show em what I got! 

Q: Are there any special talents or skills that you have that the world does not know about?

GT: I am actually a pretty good artist. I love to paint and sketch in my spare time. 

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