Pit Crew Development

Nine innings. Four quarters. Two halves. Most athletes have a whole game to win or lose. In the fast-paced sport of NASCAR, pit crew athletes have less than 15 seconds to get the job done. Because seconds are so critical in a race, fast pit stops are crucial. One bad pit stop can send a potential winner to the back of the pack. One second can mean the difference between winning and losing.

The Drive for Diversity Crew Member Development Program is a comprehensive year-round training program for minority and female pit crew athletes. The program teaches aspiring pit crew members the fundamentals, discipline and confidence required to be a top athlete on pit road. The pit crew training program includes hands-on over-the-wall position training for tire changers, tire carriers, fuelers and jackmen, as well as weight training, agility and footwork programs.

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  1. hi my name is kevin scott iam very interested in the diversity program i was a student at nti in mooresville and i had to drop out due to finainces the plan was to put me into the deversity program upon graduation by the director of the nascar program there.but i never finished school i have worked hooters cup races as a tire carrier and i am very good i may add.all im looking for is a chance to show myself i feel like i could make it in the sport if there is anyway you can support me in the right direction it would be well appreciated thank you for your time have a blessed day

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