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Rajah Caruth was preparing to officially begin his 2020 season in a legends car for Rev Racing at the quarter-mile oval inside Atlanta Motor Speedway. He, along with Blake Lothian made the trip south to compete, but the event along with the rest of the sporting world came to a halt due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This past week we caught up with Rajah and discussed what has been happening in his life during the time away from the track.

Q: How are you spending your time away from racing?

RC: I’ve spent my time away from the racetrack primarily on iRacing where I have recently joined Richmond Raceway’s eSports team, along with doing schoolwork and finding things productive to do around the house.

Q:Favorite TV show and why?

RC: My favorite TV show is the Office because I see a lot of similarities between the social shenanigans at Dundler Mifflin and the high school I currently attend.

Q:Favorite restaurant and food from the restaurant?

RC:My favorite restaurant is anywhere that has quality chicken tenders because you can’t ever go wrong with chicken tenders. 

Q:If you could be any animal what would you be?

RC: If I could be any animal, I’d be a tiger because of the strength and power that a tiger represents, but not because of the Tiger King Netflix documentary.

Q:Have you participated in any of the stay at home social media challenges? If so which one(s)?

RC:Not yet, but I will likely soon. Have been trying to focus on being the best me during all this free time so far.

Q:How are you preparing for the upcoming late model season?

RC:In prep for our late model season, I’ve been working on improving my fitness, diet, and overall health along with using iRacing as a tool to improve my skills while we have all of this extra time that usually is not available.

Q:Special talent/skill that not many people know you have?

RC:Not many people know that I’m pretty good at basketball, and can draw as well. Those are some activities that I do in my spare time.

Q:What do you miss most about racing? What do you miss most about being at the track?

RC: Just being able to race and do what I love is what I miss the most about being at the racetrack.I also miss the competition the most along with the people I was used to seeing constantly, but I know that we’ll be back at the track at some point doing what we love.

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