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Driver Spotlight: Nick Sanchez

Concord, NC (4/8/2020)

In his first full season in the ARCA Menards Series East, Nick Sanchez has proved he is more than prepared to compete. With a 3rd place finish at the season opener at New Smyrna and a 6th place finish at Phoenix, Sanchez has showed how his steady driving ability can quickly turn into quick results. Due to Covid-19, Sanchez like many other drivers has been adjusting to life in its current state and staying ready to race. This week we caught up with Nick to see how he has been spending his time away.

Q: Coming from a karting background what do you think your biggest adjustment to stock cars has been?

NS: My biggest adjustment has been managing the lengths of the races and remembering that I have to be patient even when I make a mistake.

Q: What notable guys did you compete against in Karting before you transitioned to stock car racing?

NS: Rubens Barrichello who raced in Formula one and Indycar along with former NASCAR driver Nelson Piquet Jr were just a few of my competitors.

Q: What are other activities outside of iRacing have you participated in during this break?

NS: I have been involved in daily workouts, mountain biking, and other preparation of returning back to racing.

Q: Who was your favorite driver growing up and why?

NS: My favorite driver growing up was Dale Jr as well as Sebastian Vettel because of their driving styles and how they handled themselves away from the track too.

Q: If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why?

NS: I’d like to be a wolf, but they’re soft looking but also tough when they need to be.

Q: Favorite food and why?

NS: My favorite food is actually any and all fruit. I haven’t come across a fruit that I haven’t liked yet and they’re always a perfect snack option

Q: What do you miss about racing and being at the track?

NS: The thing I miss most is the sensation of driving and how it feels when you have perfect control of the car. There is no feeling that comes close to that.

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Q: You had 2 great finishes in your first two starts this season, how do you regain that momentum when racing returns?

NS: Staying focused and working hard in the gym, iracing, and watching old races during this time away so I’m ready when racing returns.

Q: Are there any special talents or skills that you have that the world does not know about?

NS: Honestly, not really I haven’t thought to explore many other avenues outside of my racing career to even find out.

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