Driver Spotlight: Blake Lothian Youth Development Driver

Concord, NC (3/26/2020)-

Blake Lothian was preparing to compete on the quarter-mile oval at the Atlanta Motor Speedway with Rajah Caruth. The event along with the rest of the sporting world came to a halt due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This past week we caught up with Blake and asked him a few questions to get to know our youth development driver a bit better!


Q: How are you spending your time away from racing?

BL First off I am spending a ton of time with my family just watching tv, movies and playing games were also taking the time to get outside more and exploring some cool parks around Massachusetts like the Quincy quarries lastly i’m taking the time to do some more video editing 


Q:Favorite TV show and why?


BL: Honestly that’s a hard one for me but, almost everything on MAVTV because it’s almost all motorsports and I’m also watching Gold Rush because ever since I was a kid I have been interested in mining.


Q:Favorite restaurant and food from the restaurant?


BL: I have to say It has to be cheese pizza from Peter’s Pizza because of how great it always is.  


Q:If you could be any animal what would you be?


BL: Definitely a hawk so I could fly and see everyone from a greater view and who doesn’t ever think about flying?  


Q: What do you miss most about being at the track?


BL: I miss all the people for sure, the crew, the atmosphere and just that rush you get when you crank the engine for the first time of the day at the track. 


Q: Have you participated in any of the stay at home social media challenges? If so which one(s)?


BL: I’ve done the push up one and I’m planning to do a few more of the NASCAR ones to help the time pass while we’re all inside. 

BL: I’m also getting into iracing a little bit more. My family ended up getting our own sim rig so I can stay fresh for when we return to the track. I miss racing a ton like it’s been my entire life since I can remember and I hope we can get back to some on track action soon once everything is under control.

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