Combine Requirements

Each year the NASCAR Drive for Diversity Initiative seeks to obtain the highest quality of applicants representing the most diverse backgrounds and develop them into successful NASCAR drivers. This selection process begins with the NASCAR Drive for Diversity Combine.Drivers who already participate in the NASCAR Drive for Diversity program and are demonstrating progress, though a combination of consistent top finishes in their respective series and positive evaluations, may be offered the opportunity to continue in the program without participating in an additional Combine.TIMELINE: The 2018 NASCAR Drive for Diversity Driver Combine application is now closed for the remainder of the year. Applicants may check back for details beginning January 1, 2019. The NASCAR Drive for Diversity Youth Driver Application Process is open until October 31, 2018. All youth submissions must be in by 12:00 am of the deadline date. If you have already applied for the 2018 Combine and meet the requirements of the youth application as well, you will automatically be considered for the 2018 Youth Driver selection process. THERE WILL BE NO EXTENSIONS AND NO EXCEPTIONS. REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must meet the following requirements:

• Be a female or member of one or more of the following ethnic minority classifications:

– Black or of Black African descent, Asian, Hispanic or Latino, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, American Indian, Alaskan, of Native/Indigenous descent, two or more races (not Hispanic or Latino); or all persons who identify with more than one of these races

• Be at least 12 years of age but no older than 18 years of age as of October 31st of the present year

• Be legally eligible to work in the United States; drivers from foreign countries are welcome to apply. If the applicant is not already a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident alien, then the applicant must be legally capable of traveling to the designated location in the United States to participate in the NASCAR Drive for Diversity Combine. Applicants must also be able to obtain necessary authorization to accept employment in the United States if selected to participate in the D4D program.


SCOUTING: After the application has been reviewed, there may be some applicants whose package requires further assessment. For these cases, two members of the review committee will contact the applicant and determine a time and location where their skills can be reviewed in a realistic and familiar setting. Scouting sessions may occur in late August through early September, if required. Once all scouting reports are returned the committee Chair and Co-Chair will approve the final acceptance list and direct the Rev Racing Combine Manager to notify all applicants of the committee’s decision. The final decision for Combine participation will occur in the month of September. Throughout the racing season, members of the review committee may hear of or witness drivers who possess the skills and ability to be competitive at the Combine. If this occurs, the committee member must notify the Chair and Co-Chair for approval to offer a “direct” invite to the Combine. No direct invites can occur after the final selection date.

SELECTION: The selection process will be based upon the best-qualified candidates. There will be no quota system. Only those applicants who truly possess the skills and ability to be competitive will be considered for selection.

NOTIFICATION: All youth candidates will be notified of their selection or non-selection by May 31, 2019. Notifications will occur via email.

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