Nicholas Sanchez

Birthdate: June 10, 2001
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Series:   Rok Cup USA, Florida Winter Tour, Legend Car Racing
Twitter: @nicksanchez080
Facebook: nicholassanchez
Instagram: nicksanchez080

Nicholas had a love of car racing from the age of 5 when he went to his first NASCAR truck race at Homestead Miami Speedway.  By the age of twelve, he began kart racing in his hometown of Miami.  Over the last 3.5 years, he has raced on multiple national circuits including, Rok Cup USA and The Florida Winter Tour.  Nicholas has raced throughout the State of Florida at various racetracks competing in over 45 races.  He has fourteen top-10 and eleven top-5 finishes in karting classes ranging from Junior, Senior and Shifter.

In order to move up the ranks in motorsports, Nicholas transitioned into Legend Cars in February 2017.   He has already competed in several races. His ultimate goal is to continue to NASCAR.


  • 2017: Finished 10th place in Florida Winter Tour in Senior Shifter Debut
  • 2016: Finished 2nd place in Rok Cup USA National driver points standings
    in Junior Shifter
  • 2016: Finished 3rd place in Rok Cup USA Florida driver points standings
    in Junior Shifter
  • 2016: Finished 11th in Florida Winter Tour driver points standings in Junior
  • 2016: Finished 8th in Rok Cup USA Florida driver points standing in Junior
  • 2015: 2nd place finish in shifter championship of South Florida
  • 2014: PRD Junior Champion of South Florida


  • NASCAR Diversity
  • Honda Generators
  • Max Siegel Inc
  • Nascar Diversity
  • Universal Technical Institute
  • Sunoco
  • Goodyear
  • Toyota Racing
  • L&M Ethanol Maintenance

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