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Suarez Aims For Triple-Series Trifecta


danielConcord, NC (April 22, 2014) – Rev Racing’s Daniel Suarez began the 2014 NASCAR K&N Pro Series East season by sweeping the first two races. The Monterrey, Mexico native managed to garner both victories within a matter of three days.

Since then, Suarez has accumulated an additional pair of victories in the NASCAR Mexico Toyota Series, in which he also competes. He races in both series with the mindset that more seat time, no matter the car, will lead to a better understanding of the sport and contribute to his development as a driver. As a result, his work ethic has produced four victories in seven total races this season.

Suarez’s 2014 season has shown that he is a force to be reckoned with in the world of automobile racing. In February, Suarez’s accomplishments earned him the NASCAR Diverse Driver Award, an industry-wide recognition of his on-track success. His achievements have not only caught the attention of the NKNPSE competition, but have also landed him an invitation to compete in the NASCAR Nationwide Series (NNS). This weekend at Richmond International Speedway, Suarez will attempt to outshine his back-to-back wins in Daytona by completing a trifecta. In addition to driving in the NKNPSE for Rev Racing, he will make his NNS debut with Joe Gibbs Racing, before flying to Mexico to compete in the NTS.

Suarez is fully aware of the daunting task ahead of him, but heads into the weekend with the same calm, optimistic and humble demeanor that has gotten him to this point:

“I am grateful to Joe Gibbs Racing for this opportunity and very thankful with Telcel, Silent Circle and Telmex for putting their confidence in me. This is one of the most important steps in my career. Also, I want to say thank you to NASCAR and Rev Racing for giving me the opportunity to race and learn about everything in this world.”

Suarez, 22, joined Rev Racing and the NASCAR Drive for Diversity Program in 2013. Suarez ran a full season in the NKNPSE, garnering a team-high six top 5, and nine top 10 finishes. The highlight of his 2013 season was his first ever NKNPSE victory at the Columbus Motor Speedway. Additionally, Suarez earned three 2nd place finishes in his final four races, propelling him to 3rd in the final 2013 season rankings. Suarez is currently 2nd in the 2014 NKNPSE standings.

“Daniel is Rev Racing’s fourth driver to participate in a National Series Event. He is very talented, and has shown continuous progress. We are proud to play a major role in Daniel’s development,” said team owner, Max Siegel.

While Suarez’s Nationwide Series debut is a testament to hard work and dedication, it is also a testament to the mission of Rev Racing and the Drive for Diversity Program. Rev Racing houses an academy-style program that provides young minority drivers with the resources to succeed in the sport of NASCAR. On Friday, April 25, 2014, Suarez will be the next minority driver to utilize the resources that Rev Racing has provided and make it to the National Series.

ABOUT REV RACING: Headquartered in Concord, NC, Rev Racing, owned by Max Siegel, operates the NASCAR Drive for Diversity Program, which is the industry’s leading developmental program for ethnic minorities and women drivers and pit crew members. For more information about Rev Racing visit http://revracing.net or follow us on Twitter @RevRacin.

Impressive Weekend for Rev Racing at Greenville



Concord, NC (March 25, 2014) - Speed isn’t everything when it comes to racing. Strategy is equally as important, and the Kevin Whitaker Chevrolet 150 at Greenville Motor Speedway proved to be more of a chess match than checkers. After trailing for most of the race, Rev Racing finished with one driver in the top-5 and 3 in the top-10.

With Ryan Gifford as the only Rev Racing driver to qualify in the top-10, the rest of the group had their work cut out for them over the course of the 150-lap race. Once the green flag was issued, Gifford wasted little time improving his position to 8th. While this was occurring, Suarez, who had started 17th, was mercilessly passing competitor after competitor. By lap 50, Suarez had cracked the top-10 to join teammate Gifford. By the halfway mark Suarez, Gifford, and Peña were all in the top-15.

The next 75 laps were defined by strategy; one that ultimately paid dividends. Over the course of the next 25 laps, both Gifford and Peña dropped out of the top 15 in order to preserve their tires and prepare for one final push. Things started to look bleak as they fell all the way to 16th and 18th place. However with 40 laps to go, Peña and Gifford made their moves, ascending through the standings, passing one car after another. With 25 laps to go they were both challenging for a spot in the top-10, and after a restart with 13 laps to go, both were able to break through. Meanwhile, Suarez was neck and neck with P4 and P6, fighting to hold on to his 5th place standing. Another caution with 10 laps to go brought the action to a halt. The restart came with 6 laps to go and proved to be advantageous for Suarez, Gifford, and Peña as they solidified their 5th, 6th, and 9th place positions and held on until the checkered flag. Beasley and Bell finished the race 19th and 20th, respectively.

While Peña is please with his first top-10 of the season, he is far from content. In reference to his performance, Peña stated, “The start of the season has been pretty rough, so this was a nice relief. I want to thank my crew chief Wolfy and car chief Tanner for all of the hard work they’ve been putting in. We still have some work to do though. We need a 9th place finish to be a bad day, not a good day.”

The rest of the Rev Racing team shares this same mindset. After taking Sunday to rest and celebrate the impressive performances, the entire team was back at work early Monday morning to prepare for the next race.

Rev Racing returns to the track on April 25th for the Blue Ox 100 at Richmond International Speedway.

Unsung Hero of the Week


Mark Green (No. 2 Toyota Crew Chief/Shop Foreman) – Green returns to Rev Racing as Crew Chief of the No. 2 Rev Racing Toyota. In 2013, he helped Ryan Gifford earn his first career victory in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East. That same year, the No. 2 Camry finished the season with four top-5 and six top-10 finishes. Green brings a wealth of racing knowledge with him to Rev Racing having competed in both the NASCAR Busch (currently Nationwide) and Sprint Cup Series.

In addition to his role as crew chief, Green is also the shop foreman. Under the direction of the Director of Competition, Green is responsible for the day-to-day management of the K&N Shop. Green works tirelessly with upper management to plan and develop company goals. He assists with optimizing department operations to ensure program efficiency and productivity, while implementing new procedures and policies as necessary. Lastly, Mark oversees the production and assembly of all the K&N race cars.

Green and Gifford just recently garnered their first top-10 finish of the 2014 season at Greenville Motor Speedway.

Get To Know Jay Beasley

Rev Racing has some of the most loyal fans in NASCAR, who support our drivers day in and day out. The support and encouragement that our drivers receive is unparalleled. Thus, in an effort to connect with our fan base on a more personal level, Rev Racing is distributing a Get To Know Your Driver series. Each of our drivers has worked hard to reach this point in their career. And while a career in NASCAR is their dream job, it does not define who they are. For each of our drivers, there is a story behind the helmet, behind the fire suit, and behind the car. We want to share that story with you…


ER8V3902Concord, N.C. (July 25, 2014) —For Jay Beasley, it all started at 7-years-old with a Go-Ped. His father, Rod Ronnow, was asked to fix two Go-Peds for a friend, but instead, he was told to keep the two-wheeled motorized scooters. Ronnow had a knack for repairing motors and loved to race motocross, street bikes, and drag boats, and Beasley shared that same passion.

“When I was really young, I always said that I was going to be a NASCAR driver,” he said. “It was weird because I was racing everything with two wheels, but I kept saying I was going to be a NASCAR driver.”

As a child, Beasley played other sports, including football and lacrosse, but nothing could quite measure up to racing.

“Football was fun…I loved lacrosse, but I just wanted to go fast,” he said.

The Las Vegas native became such a talented rider that he was sponsored by Go-Ped in 2002 and went on to become a five-time Go-Ped Scooter Cross champion.

After racing Go-Peds, he transitioned to Supermoto, but only for about a year. During a race, his back tire failed to make it over a jump. The bike sent Beasley flying, landing on his chest and breaking his collarbone.

He then contemplated racing street bikes because he loved racing on asphalt, but his dad wasn’t in favor of any more two-wheelers for the young racer. Instead, he wanted something more stable that his stepson would be contained in, so Beasley began racing Legend cars.

“I miss two wheels, but I’m enjoying NASCAR and four wheels. Plus, it’s safer,” he said.

Every day Beasley exercised to stay in shape for racing. He also practiced riding his Go-Ped and dirt bike around the neighborhood and worked on his racecar after school.

“I would spend so many hours on the track. In the winter time, when it was 20 degrees outside, we’d wear leather jackets and just go on the track and mess around,” he said.

His mother, Evelyn Beasley, supported him throughout his childhood and career, and he credits his father for much of his work ethic and success.

“He taught me how hard to work for it at such a young age, so, now it’s not hard work. It’s every day life,” he said. “It was really frustrating at some points, but I’m really grateful he did that.”

At the beginning of his career, one of Beasley’s biggest setbacks came his senior year of high school in 2009. He was at a friend’s house talking outside with classmates when two SUVs pulled up to the crowd of people.

“A whole bunch of people got out, and they were all wearing black. Then I saw these girls beginning to run up the street,” he said. “Right when I turned around I saw someone standing next to me wearing all black. Then everyone started running in a panic.”

The gang in black began shooting at the crowd, and the person standing next to Beasley aimed a gun at his head and fired.

“I barely missed it. I heard the bullet zoom right by me.”

He continued to run from the gang but couldn’t find anywhere to hide, and a few of the members caught up to him.

“One of the guys pointed the gun right at my face, but his buddy ended up telling him not to shoot me, and then they left,” he said. “It was crazy.”

Beasley left the incident with a gunshot wound to the leg that shattered his fibula. Fears of paralysis and death continued to cross his mind.

At the time, Beasley had also been training to become a firefighter as a back-up plan if racing didn’t work out, but the incident solidified how much he wanted to succeed in racing. It also became one of the reasons why he tries not to take anything for granted.

“I’m glad it happened because it made me focus more on my career,” he said. “It also made me a better person, and now, I don’t let little things bother me.”

Though he was forced to keep the bullet in his leg to prevent an extended recovery time, he refused to let that stop him. After four months of physical therapy, he continued to race in the INEX Legend Series accumulating two wins and 17 top-5s in 2010.

In 2011, he began racing super late models where he achieved much success early on, but in 2012, he suffered a severe concussion after crashing head-on into a wall during practice, destroying the racecar and causing Beasley to miss the rest of the season.

Despite the delay in his career, he came back ready to conquer the 2013 season, but he did more than that. Beasley made history and became the first African-American to win a race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway after capturing the Super Late Model title. He also won the prestigious Wendell Scott Trailblazer Award for the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series, and later joined the 2014 Rev Racing team.

“Accepting the Wendell Scott Award was a big deal and meant a lot. It was a blessing,” said. “To be able to be a trailblazer just like him this past year was amazing. It was such an honor.”

Off the track, Beasley enjoys the outdoors, fitness training, watching movies, and traveling, especially when he gets to visit different racetracks. He also loves listening to hip-hop and rock music.

“I love anything that gets me to swaying!”

While Beasley loves to have fun, he also enjoys giving back to the community. His traumatic experience has motivated him to support individuals who have been confined to a wheelchair due to a permanent injury. To help support this cause, please make a donation to The Carolina TarWheels.

The Carolina TarWheels is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities. By promoting health and fitness through sports, recreation, and social activities, the organization allows individuals to maintain an active lifestyle while offering a program that is enjoyable and meaningful to its participants.

ABOUT REV RACING: Headquartered in Concord, NC, Rev Racing, owned by Max Siegel, operates the NASCAR Drive for Diversity Program, which is the industry’s leading developmental program for ethnic minorities, women drivers, and pit crew members. For more information about Rev Racing visit http://revracing.net and follow us on Twitter @RevRacin.

Bring on the Heat

SONY DSCCONCORD, N.C. (July 24, 2014) — Rev Racing’s Devon Amos and Paige Decker are headed to Hampton, Va. to race for the fourth time at Langley Speedway. The duo will compete in the Hampton Heat 200, the longest and most anticipated race of the season.

Paige Decker (No. 2 Rev Racing Toyota) — During her month long break from the Whelen All-American Series, Decker was able to get extra seat time with her family-owned racing team to prepare for Saturday’s 79.6-mile event.

Last week, Decker raced her super late model in the Slinger Nationals in her home state of Wisconsin where she became the first female to win a major super late model race in 2013 and subsequently the first woman named Rookie of the Year.

“Any extra seat time helps a driver. Being in a different car and the ability to adapt will help me when jumping back in the late model,” she said. “I want to be a flexible driver.”

After finishing one place shy of gaining her third top 10 of the season in her last outing with Rev Racing at Motor Mile Speedway, she is anxious to get back on the asphalt to showcase her skills at Langley Speedway, one of her favorite tracks.

Devon Amos (No. 6 Rev Racing Toyota) — In his last race, Amos was unable to finish due to suspension damage resulting from a 13-car accident, but he’s not letting the unfavorable finish put a damper on his motivation to have a successful race.

“Our pace has been consistently improving, and I’m looking forward to seeing some good results this weekend,” Amos said. “Hopefully we can avoid trouble and finish the 200 laps close to the front.”

He has been training harder for the 200-lap event and is excited to compete this weekend because it will be new milestone for him. While the Hampton Heat 200 will be the longest race the season, it will also be the longest event of Amos’s racing career.

Mackena Bell (No. 21 Lung Force/B&C Seafood Toyota) — With a weekend off from the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East, Bell will have the opportunity to race her late model this weekend along with her two Whelen All-American Series teammates.

“I want to thank Lung Force and the American Lung Association for being on the car this weekend,” Bell said. “It’s a pleasure to create awareness for such an important cause, and I’m extremely grateful to get extra seat time.”

Qualifying will start at 4:35 p.m. and racing will begin at 7 p.m.

ABOUT REV RACING: Headquartered in Concord, NC, Rev Racing, owned by Max Siegel, operates the NASCAR Drive for Diversity Program, which is the industry’s leading developmental program for ethnic minorities, women drivers, and pit crew members. For more information about Rev Racing visit http://revracing.net and follow us on Twitter @RevRacin.

Peña Wins in the Buckeye State

IMG_0122Patience. This was the sentiment that Sergio Peña expressed after taking the checkered in Saturday night’s JEGS 150 at Columbus Motor Speedway. Peña hasn’t had the season that he’d hoped for and he isn’t shy about letting that be known.  However, despite the obstacles, the one thing that the Winchester, Virginia native has never done is give up. Peña had shown glimpses of dominance as of late, qualifying no worst than 11th in each of the last five races. However, Peña and crew have struggled to find the winning formula, as only one of those starts has garnered a top-10. All of that changed Saturday night as Peña was adamant that getting over the hump and finally winning a race was not a matter of “if”, rather a matter of “when”.

“We have definitely turned the season around. I really think we could have won at New Hampshire but we were just unlucky. In regards to Columbus, we ended up in front and kept the car in one piece throughout the race. We drove hard. I can’t say that we did anything different for Columbus as we’ve had some really fast cars as of late. It’s just been a matter of taking advantage of them. In Columbus, I just happened to be in the right place at right time and it all worked out,” said Peña enthusiastically.

Entering the race, Peña and Gifford were the Rev Racing favorites after both drivers qualified in the top-5. Immediately after taking the green, some quick shifting allowed Gifford to move up to second place while Peña fell to fifth. Both drivers maintained their positions until roughly the 25-lap marker. It was then that Peña and Gifford began losing position. Competitors were making aggressive moves to the inside on turn 3, and both drivers conceded instead of challenging. By lap 40, Gifford had fallen out of the top-5 and Peña had fallen out of the top-10. Such passive behavior was a little uncharacteristic of both drivers as they’re usually the ones making the aggressive moves. However, upon further listen to each drivers radio, Peña and Gifford’s crew chiefs were encouraging each driver to race at their own pace and keep their lines, regardless of the actions their competitors took.

Keeping one’s line proved to be crucial at the Columbus Motor Speedway as 5 of the 6 cautions occurred from drivers being overly aggressive and spinning out in turn 4.

Luckily, a spinout on lap-42 allowed the drivers to regroup. After taking the green flag that followed, Peña and Gifford essentially swapped positions and Peña was now sitting at sixth while Gifford slid to eleventh. Over the course of the next 80 laps, Peña and Gifford maintained position relatively well, only fluctuating one position either ways. However, teammate Beasley utilized those same 80 laps to increase his 17th place position until he cracked the top-10 and landed at ninth place.

By lap 120, Peña had waited long enough and decided to make his move. Over the course of the next five laps he made some aggressive moves and managed to fight his way into first place. It appeared the race was all but won, until a caution with 10 laps to go set the stage for a wire-to-wire finish. The race remained under caution for the next 8 laps. It became apparent that whoever took advantage of the subsequent green flag was going to be the winner of the race.

After taking the green with two laps to go, Peña did everything in his power to hold on to his first place position and immediately jumped out to a 2-car lead by the time he came around for the white flag. From there, he cruised to an easy victory.

Not to be discounted are the efforts of teammate Gifford who also took the checkered flag in the top-5. Sitting in P6 during the final caution, he was also in a dogfight over the course of the final two laps. Luckily, Gifford was able to persevere and come out on top when challenging for the final spot in the top-5.

Unfortunately, not every Rev Racing driver benefitted from the final two restarts. Jay Beasley, who had managed to fight his way into the top-10, fell a few spots over the final 20 laps and took the checkered in 13th

Rev Racing’s Mackena Bell unfortunately suffered two flat tires early in the race, keeping her at the back of the pack. Bell was able to return to the track after both flat tires, however around the 60-lap marker, the sway bar on her car broke and sidelinws her for the rest of the race.

The JEGS 150 present by Germain Toyota will air on FOX Sports 1 on Sunday, July 27 at 9 a.m.

The NASCAR K&N Pro Series East with return to action at Iowa Speedway on Aug. 1.

ABOUT REV RACING: Headquartered in Concord, N.C., Rev Racing, owned by Max Siegel, operates the NASCAR Drive for Diversity program, which is the industry’s leading developmental program for ethnic minorities and women drivers and drivers and pit crew members. For more information about Rev Racing visit http://revracing.net or follow us on Twitter @RevRacin.

Rev Racing Continues Focus on Driver Advancement, Development Opportunities

danielbryanConcord, North Carolina (July 17, 2014) – Rev Racing driver Daniel Suarez continues to advance as a competitive driver, achieving success in both the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East and NASCAR Mexico Toyota Series (NMTS). To continue providing Suarez growth opportunities as he contends for NMTS championship, he will sit out of three K&N Series races due to schedule conflicts with the NMTS.

The opportunity will allow Suarez to focus his efforts and attention on maintaining his current points lead as the series heads into the Desafio, the official playoffs of the series. Though Suarez will not participate in upcoming races at Columbus Motor Speedway, Greenville Pickens Speedway and Virginia International Raceway this season due to schedule conflicts with the NMTS, he will return with the team in the remaining K&N Pro Series East events.

“Rev Racing aims to advance and support the development of drivers in the program and beyond. We are happy to be part of this development and growth [for Suarez],” said team owner Max Siegel. “We are proud to see him achieve success at such an esteemed level across all series in which he competes and look forward to watching his progression through the remainder of the season and beyond.”

In Suarez’s absence, NASCAR Drive for Diversity graduate and former Rev Racing team member, Bryan Ortiz will pilot the No. 6 Toyota at VIR and Greenville Pickens. Ortiz competed in the 2013 season for Rev Racing after a three-year stent in the program, accumulating eight top-5 and 21 top-10 victories. The 25-year-old, Puerto Rico native will compete at Virginia International Raceway Aug. 16 and Greenville Speedway Sept. 6. Ryan Gifford will be running the No. 6 Toyota at Columbus Motor Speedway this Saturday. Follow @RevRacin on Twitter for live race updates.

ABOUT REV RACING: Headquartered in Concord, NC, Rev Racing, owned by Max Siegel, operates the NASCAR Drive for Diversity Program, which is the industry’s leading developmental program for ethnic minorities and women drivers and drivers and pit crew members. For more information about Rev Racing, visit revracing.net or follow us on Twitter @RevRacin.

Rev Racing gears up for Columbus

Jay BeasleyCONCORD, N.C. (July 16, 2014) — Rev Racing will return to the track on Saturday for the second week in a row to compete in the JEGS 150 at Columbus Motor Speedway. Each Rev Racing team has been hard at work all week and the cars are ready to hit the track for a successful weekend in the Midwest. With all Rev Racing drivers ranking in the top 20 of the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East, this race could result in a positive outcome for the team.

Jay Beasley (No. 42 Rev Racing Toyota) — The NKNPSE rookie is headed to Columbus fresh off his second top five of the season where he finished fourth in New Hampshire, tying his season-best. So far this season, Beasley has been successful racing on short tracks and looks forward to driving on the .333-mile oval.

“Going into Columbus, I feel like we can get another top five finish, and I feel like we’re even going to win shortly,” he said. “I’m really excited because I think we’ll do really well, especially on a short track.”

He captured his first top five at Iowa Speedway in May and hopes to return home from the Midwest again with the same success. In his last five races, Beasley has garnered two top fives and four top 10s, increasing his point standing to 12th place.

Mackena Bell (No. 21 Special Smiles/Lung Force Toyota) — Saturday’s race will be Bell’s second go-round in Columbus. She finished 11th during her first trip there last year, and now she’s aiming for her second top 10 of the 2014 season. In three of her last four races, Bell was just a few positions shy of a top 10 finish, so she is eager for redemption on Saturday to improve her 15th place point standing.

Sergio Peña (No. 4 L&M Ethanol Toyota) — Peña continues to be optimistic about the remaining six races of the season with hopes of finishing strong. He will race at Columbus Motor Speedway for the second time with Rev Racing, and with one top 10 under his belt this season, he is ranked 16th in the point standings.

Ryan Gifford (No. 6 Rev Racing Toyota) — The five-year veteran will enter the JEGS 150 with 15 career top fives and 22 career top 10s. In his last three races, Gifford was unable to finish due to irreparable damages and mechanical issues that occurred on the track, but he plans to use the incidents as motivation for Columbus to improve his 18th position in the point standings.

Two-lap qualifying for the JEGS 150 begins at 6 p.m. with an autograph session to follow at 8 p.m.

The race will air on July 27 at 10 a.m. on Fox Sports 1.

ABOUT REV RACING: Headquartered in Concord, NC, Rev Racing, owned by Max Siegel, operates the NASCAR Drive for Diversity Program, which is the industry’s leading developmental program for ethnic minorities, women drivers, and pit crew members. For more information about Rev Racing visit http://revracing.net and follow us on Twitter @RevRacin.

Beasley Catches Fire, Again

SONY DSCConcord, NC (Jul. 15, 2014) – Many people were convinced that Jay Beasley’s 3 consecutive top-10’s were merely luck when his hot streak came to an end after a disappointing showing at Langley Speedway. However, the Las Vegas, Nevada native was determined to prove his skeptics wrong at Loudon; and he did just that.

Things began a little rocky for Beasley at the 1-mile oval track where the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East newcomer made his 10th track debut of the season.Beasley and his crew initially struggled to adapt to the racetrack.

“For practice and qualifying, the car was really loose getting into corner. It wasn’t until the half-way break of the race that we were finally able make the right adjustments so that I felt more comfortable with the car. We tightened the car up, entry and exit, and from there we were good to go,” said Beasley

In addition to the necessary adjustments, Beasley and crew’s strategy for the race proved to be equally as instrumental in securing Jay’s top-5 finish. With roughly 100 miles after taking the green flag to improve his 20th place qualifying position, Beasley took his time and waited for his opportunities to arrive instead of forcing them. And when the time came, Beasley would make one of his signature moves to the inside and pass one competitor after another until he found himself fluctuating between 10th and 12th place. From there his progress grew stagnant, and it appeared that Beasley could secure a top-10 finish at best. However, after a restart with 10 laps remaining, Beasley became involved in a 4-wide battle before managing to squeeze through and secure the sixth place position.

Beasley, took the white flag in sixth, however an accident between the first and second place drivers on the final turn allowed Beasley to move up two positions and take the checked flag in the top-5 for the second time this season.

While Beasley had a successful weekend, he was unfortunately the only Rev Racing driver that was able to finish the race. Beasley’s teammates were among the many drivers who fell victim to blown tires and pile-ups over the course of the competition. Nonetheless, with the JEGS 150 coming up this weekend, the Rev Racing teams won’t have to wait long to redeem themselves.

The Granite State 100 will air on FOX Sports 1 on July 20 at noon.

The NASCAR K&N Pro Series East will race next in the JEGS 150 at Columbus (Ohio) Motor Speedway on Saturday, July 19.

ABOUT REV RACING: Headquartered in Concord, NC, Rev Racing, owned by Max Siegel, operates the NASCAR Drive for Diversity Program, which is the industry’s leading developmental program for ethnic minorities and women drivers and pit crew members. For more information about Rev Racing visit http://revracing.net or follow us on Twitter @RevRacin.

Road Trip To Loudon

SONY DSCConcord, NC (June 8, 2014) – This weekend’s companion race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway will mark the first of a five race, six-week gauntlet for the K&N Pro Series East. With a brief break since their last competition, the Rev Racing drivers have used the past two weeks to mentally and physically prepare for the impeding task ahead. The 5 drivers have utilized the downtime to visit family, hit the gym, and work on their cars. Each driver is aware that in order to experience success over the next six weeks, every member of their team will be required to fire on all cylinders. And with the Granite State 100 only a few days away, the drivers are more than ready to get back on the track and finish the season strong.

Daniel Suarez (No. 6 Rev Racing Toyota) – Suarez’s attitude as of late, can be summed up with one word: insatiable. Though, the Monterrey, Mexico native is coming off of a top-10 performance at Langley Speedway, he’s far from content. Suarez is still in the hunt for the NKNPSE championship, and with seven races remaining, he believes that now is the time to make one final push. Consequently, Suarez and his crew have been working diligently in the shop for the past two weeks to make sure that his upcoming performance at New Hampshire will reflect such a sentiment. Suarez is currently 5th in the point standings.

Ryan Gifford (No. 2 UTI/NASCAR Tech Toyota) – In his last outing, Gifford was sidelined after experiencing brake issues. Yet, through the adversity Gifford has remained optimistic that he is due for a breakout performance of the 2014 season, and that New Hampshire Motor Speedway will be the perfect venue. Gifford is currently 17th in the point standings.

Jay Beasley (No. 42 Toyota Racing Development Toyota) – Beasley’s hot streak came to end at Langley Speedway after he spun out mid-race. However, after three dominant performances prior to his last outing, Beasley believes that the mistake that spun him out was the exception, not the rule, and that he will quickly be able to catch fire again. Beasley is currently 14th in the point standings.

Sergio Peña (No. 4 Toyota Racing Development Toyota) – In his last outing, Peña was collateral damage of an early pile-up and was unable to make up for lost ground. However, Peña is confident that the car he took to Langley was possibly the fastest of the season. Therefore, Peña is adamant that if his crew can get his car to the same specifications, he can earn his first top-5 of the season at New Hampshire Speedway, and improve his 16th place point standing. Especially since the last time that Peña competed at New Hampshire for Rev Racing, he walked away with a 2nd place finish.

“New Hampshire have always been good tracks for me. And we were really fast at Langley, we just experienced some bad-luck. So the goal is to get the car exactly how it was at Langley. We believe that if we can accomplish this, we’ll have a good run at New Hampshire,” said Peña.

Mackena Bell (No. 21 Special Smiles/Lung Force Toyota) – Similar to Peña, Bell is another Rev Racing drivers who was unable to recover from an early pile-up in the last outing. However, one of her four top-10’s last season came at New Hampshire. Bell’s last top-10 was the first race of the 2014 season, so the leading lady for Rev Racing is prime for a breakout performance at a track where she has a history of performing well.

Two-lap qualifying for the Granite State 100 will be on Thursday, July 10 at 5:00 p.m. followed by the autograph session at 6:30 p.m. at the WOKQ FanFest.

The Granite State 100 will take place at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, July 11. 

ABOUT REV RACING: Headquartered in Concord, NC, Rev Racing, owned by Max Siegel, operates the NASCAR Drive for Diversity Program, which is the industry’s leading developmental program for ethnic minorities, women drivers, and pit crew members. For more information about Rev Racing visit http://revracing.net and follow us on Twitter @RevRacin.

Amos and Decker learn from Motor Mile

SONY DSCCONCORD, N.C. (June 30, 2014) — Saturday’s race proved to be a learning experience for Devon Amos and Paige Decker. The two Whelen All-American Series drivers raced their Late Models for the first time at Motor Mile Speedway, and both knew they wanted to pace themselves during the New River Bank TWIN 75s.

After taking the green in the first race, a caution came on the fifth lap, and the drivers were given a little more time to warm up their tires. By lap 30, Amos worked his way up from his 21st qualifying spot, passing two cars and maintaining his position to finish 19th. Decker was not far behind and finished 23rd after managing to pass five cars from her 28th qualifying position.

The drivers returned to the track about an hour later for the second race. After earning the 17th position in qualifying, the second race was going smoothly for Amos until lap 20. There was a wreck a few yards ahead of him at turn 1, and unfortunately, another driver tried to maneuver around the cars, but hit Amos near the end of the straightaway. The Rev Racing driver was unable to return to the track due to the amount of suspension damage on the front of the car.

“I feel like I gave it my all. It’s unfortunate that we got caught in a big wreck because we had a great race day going,” Amos said. “We definitely made improvements on the car that should carry over to our next race, and I’m really looking forward to it.”

The 13-car wreck resulted in a 40-minute caution to allow officials to get the track back in driving condition. None of the drivers were seriously hurt.

Though the first race of the night didn’t go as Decker planned, she was eager to get back on the track for the second race. After qualifying 23rd, she improved tremendously on the track gaining 13 positions, and she was in the tenth position for a few laps. She almost gained her third top-10 of the season, however, during the last two laps, a driver passed her, and Decker took the checkered flag in 11th.

“I went into Motor Mile just wanting to learn. I knew it was my first time at the track, and I knew the competition was going to be stout,” Decker said. “Next time I want to qualify better and improve my finishing spot.”

The next race for the two drivers will be in Hampton, Va. at Langley Motor Speedway on July 26.

ABOUT REV RACING: Headquartered in Concord, NC, Rev Racing, owned by Max Siegel, operates the NASCAR Drive for Diversity Program, which is the industry’s leading developmental program for ethnic minorities, women drivers, and pit crew members. For more information about Rev Racing visit http://revracing.net and follow us on Twitter @RevRacin.

Amos and Decker ready to conquer Motor Mile

SONY DSCConcord, N.C. (June 25, 2014) — After almost a three-week break, Devon Amos and Paige Decker will return to the track Friday to race in the New River Bank TWIN 75s at Motor Mile Speedway in Fairlawn, Va.

The drivers will compete in their sixth race of the season on the 0.416-mile asphalt oval where they will try to redeem themselves after racing earlier this month at Langley Motor Speedway. Motor Mile will be a new milestone for the two drivers and both are anxious to compete there for the first time this season.

Devon Amos (No. 6/Rev Racing Toyota) — Amos raced twice at Motor Mile last year, so he’s a bit familiar with the track. He is concentrated on winning and bringing the No. 6 car back to Concord safely.

“Our team has been working to maintain the handling of the cars and a comfortable setup for me,” he said. “My goal is to bring the car home in one piece, so we can learn from the setup and be better the following week.”

On Friday, he will look to add a fifth top-10 to his résumé in the Whelen All-American Series where he has accumulated 92 points.

Paige Decker (No. 2/Rev Racing Toyota) — In her first season with Rev Racing, Decker has shown promise with five races under her belt. She is striving to get her third top-10 on Friday and hopes to improve her qualifying time.

“I am looking forward to another new track with my late model,” she said. “I can’t wait to go out and hopefully get that top-10!”

Qualifying will begin at 6:30 p.m., and the first race is set to begin at 8 p.m. with a second race to immediately follow.

ABOUT REV RACING: Headquartered in Concord, NC, Rev Racing, owned by Max Siegel, operates the NASCAR Drive for Diversity Program, which is the industry’s leading developmental program for ethnic minorities, women drivers, and pit crew members. For more information about Rev Racing visit http://revracing.net and follow us on Twitter @RevRacin.

Another Top-10 for Suarez

SONY DSCConcord, NC (Jun 24, 2014) – There were those who were apart of caution flags, and those who were able to avoid caution flags. This sentiment ultimately determined the position in which each driver took the checkered flag at Saturday night’s Visit Hampton 175 at Langley Speedway due to the fact that few positions were gained or lost during the actual competition.

Most notable was Daniel Suarez, who rallied from a 14th place qualification effort to secure Rev Racing’s best finish of the night. Roughly 20 laps after taking the green, Suarez was the beneficiary of a pile-up, which unfortunately included Rev Racing teammates Mackena Bell and Sergio Peña. The incident automatically moved Suarez up a few positions. From there, the Monterrey, Mexico native only needed to pass one more driver to crack the top-10; a feat he was ultimately able to accomplish before taking the checkered flag in 10th.

Jay Beasley also posted an impressive showing before spinning out midway through the race. After qualifying sixth, the best of the Rev Racing team, Beasley was in prime position to secure his second top-5 of the season. However, a small miscue roughly 90 laps into the race caused Beasley to make contact with another driver and spin out, knocking him from sixth to 16th. Beasley fought tooth and nail to make up for lost ground, but was unable to increase his standing.

Ryan Gifford had a solid top-10 qualifying effort, but a brake line burst as he was avoiding the first pile-up of the race, preventing him from finishing the race. Bell and Peña who were apart of the same pile-up that affected teammate Gifford were unable to bounce back from the setback and finished 13th and 14th respectively.

The drivers will have a few weeks to make some adjustments on their vehicles before returning to action on July 11 for the Granite State 100 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

ABOUT REV RACING: Headquartered in Concord, NC, Rev Racing, owned by Max Siegel, operates the NASCAR Drive for Diversity Program, which is the industry’s leading developmental program for ethnic minorities and women drivers and pit crew members. For more information about Rev Racing visit http://revracing.net or follow us on Twitter @RevRacin.